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Academic Studies

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Academic studies which we have translated include the following:

  • ARTS – THERAPIES – COMMUNICATION On the Way to a Regional European Arts Therapy (ISBN 3-8258-5729-8), as well as other publications for ECArTE (European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education) in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Line Kossolopow
  • Focus Philippines – Journal of the Foundation for Children
    (ISBN 3-929979-16-0) in collaboration with Dr. Rainer Werning
  • Children – War and Persecution – Proceedings of the Congress Hamburg Sept. 1993 (ISBN 3-929979-11-X)
  • Various abstracts: The Making of Musical Instruments in Intercultural Discourse (ISBN 3515088113)
  • Various publications in the field of linguistics in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Schlobinski, Institute of German Literature and Language, University of Hanover
We enjoy the challenges involved in this type of work and the opportunity of consistently expanding our skills and sensitivity. Close collaboration with the experts, which is an integral feature of this type of work, guarantees a translation which is linguistically and factually correct as well as holistically congruous.



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