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For a number of years now, the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has worked together with Hogg Facübersetzungen on a variety of translation projects concerning our newsletters, Online Journal articles, exam regulations, study regulations, promotional materials, faulty-specific texts, event materials and more.

I can confidently say that they have always provided top-quality texts in a timely manner. Martina and Chris friendly and professional and I would highly recommend their translation services to anyone.


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Hogg Fachübersetzungen has been our full service partner, catering to our translation needs for many years. Team Hogg has the know-how to meet our requirements – competently, flexibly and reliably. They have proven this capability time and again over the years; and on budget. We especially appreciate the close, partner-like contact, as this enables us to have even industry-specific technical terms translated at top speed. Even when time is tight at our end for the translation – Hogg Fachübersetzungen always makes the impossible possible for us!

We greatly appreciate this reliable business partner and would happily recommend them to anyone!



For many years now, GHC GmbH German Horse Center has been working with Carol Hogg and her translation team. German Horse Center presents high-quality sport horses for an international clientele. This clientele is mostly based in the USA, which is why impeccable technical translations are so very important to us. The Hogg Fachübersetzungen office delivers. The team works with great precision, always providing excellent results promptly and reliably – also in the case of advertising texts. They even advise us if the original texts contain any discrepancies. One of the team is always available to answer our questions. Hogg Fachübersetzungen is the place to go for first-class translations and is a company that thinks along with you, asks question and is accessible. 100% recommended.


Anja Beran

“Fast, stylistically appropriate and technically correct!”

Carol Hogg’s work is characterised by a high degree of sensitivity for the subject matter concerned, good equestrian knowledge and uncomplicated communication.

In the context of her translation work for us she took the trouble of spending a complete day here at Gut Rosenhof to find out more about our work and the philosophy behind it. It was important for Carol Hogg to understand our equestrian culture based on genuine classical horsemanship so as to be able to convey this comprehensively and correctly in her English translations.

Few people go to so much trouble – the result could not have been better!



Münster/Osnabrück Airport is a transport business with worldwide connections and as such needs to reflect this international dimension in its external presentation. In Carol Hogg we have found a competent translator. She works quickly as well as reliably and always strikes the right note.


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Our collaboration was extremely pleasant. Carol Hogg’s work was competent, extremely fast, accurate and particularly helpful on account of her personal proposals and assistance with regard to particular phrasing matters. As someone who really becomes involved in the project and thinks with you, she was great fun to work with.



In our profession as a multimedia agency, it’s a daily occurrence: the customer calls and needs their brochure, flyer, or new website completed – the very next day, if possible. And then, if possible, also in several different languages. It is good to know that there is a competent translator out there who can make miracles come true – Hogg Fachübersetzungen. Many thanks for your commitment, flexibility, reliability and, of course, your linguistic aptitude – all must-haves in the servicing of our diverse customer base.


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As a leading advertising agency on the equestrian sports market, we often require competent translations within this specialised area with extremely tight deadlines for our customers who operate at international level. Carol Hogg has been our prime address here for many years now. She is always cooperative, uncomplicated and swift to react!




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